“ I’m surprised at how easy (VIA) is to use – I feel like I have a greater understanding of the internships and their structure now, even though I have worked with virtual internships for a long time.”


Virtual Internship Authoring (VIA) is an internship content customization tool.

The Virtual Internship Authoring (VIA) tool allows educators to customize existing virtual internship content, or create entirely new internships. VIA breaks down the components of a virtual internship, and presents them as a streamlined and interactive authoring experience. Users can revise internship content in order to create a customized experience that’s right for their classroom environment.

VIA users have created internships for a wide range of disciplines, including student teaching, communication styles in media campaigns, and more. VIA is a great way to incorporate virtual internships into your curriculum, either by adapting an existing internship for your classroom, or creating your own!